Using a formula estimate the body surface area of a person whose height is 5 feet and who weighs 120 pounds.A.1.52 m2B.0.32 m2C.1.13 m2D.55.9 m2

Accepted Solution

Answer:(A)  1.52 m²Step-by-step explanation:As per the given data of the question,Height of a person = 5 feetAs we know that 1 feet = 30.48 cm∴ Height = 152.4 cmWeight of a person = 120 poundsAnd we know that 1 pound = 0.453592 kg∴ Weight = 54.4311 kgThe Mosteller formula to calculate body surface area (BSA):[tex]BSA(m^{2})=\sqrt{\frac{Height (cm)\times Weight(kg)}{3600}}[/tex]Therefore,[tex]BSA=\sqrt{\frac{Height (cm)\times Weight(kg)}{3600}}[/tex][tex]BSA=\sqrt{\frac{152.4\times  54.4311}{3600}}[/tex][tex]BSA= 1.517 m^{2} = 1.52 m^{2}[/tex]Hence, the body surface area of a person =  1.52 m²Therefore, option (A) is the correct option.