Please help me with this proof​

Accepted Solution

5. Next time include the entire page in the photo.  I'm guessing it's U at the top right and O at the bottom right.First box.  SE ≅ SUGivenSecond boxangle 1 ≅ angle 2Those are vertical angles, which are always congruentThird boxangle E = angle UGivenNext box, three arrows in.triangle MES ≅  triangle OUSAngle - Side - AngleLast box:MS ≅  SOCorresponding parts of congruent triangles.-----------6.First box:angle E ≅ angle UGivenSecond box:NS ≅ NSreflexivity (aka it's the same segment)Third box:angle 1 = angle 2 Definition of angle bisectorNext box:triangle WNS ≅  triangle ENSAngle - Side - AngleNext: WN ≅  ENCorresponding parts of congruent triangles.